This week, we were given the opportunity to hold a photoshoot inside Bridgestone Arena before the Vegas Golden Knights + Nashville Predators game on 1/16/18.

Some things we learned while on the ice pre-opening to fans and game time:

  1. The blow horn is subject to blow at any moment. We had to sign waivers before venturing out on the ice, but they failed to mention you may suffer from cardiac arrest and the fact you may need a new iPhone screen when that sucker goes off.
  2. The chemical used to clean the glass smells like a combination of gasoline and bubble gum....according to Ally.
  3. Those TV announcers that we think get everything perfect on their recordings...yeah they don't. They get a million do-overs until they get the right one! 
  4. Trying to recreate the scene from 'Risky Business' really is....risky business. There's a chance things don't go as planned, you end up in splits that you can't get out of, and when you finally'll be paying for it for a week. Your knees are at serious risk!

Aside from the above FYI factors, the purpose of this shoot was to walk away with professional shots that we can use for promotional purposes. Sometimes people don't really know what's involved in a photoshoot to achieve the perfect 'shot.' Thanks to social media these seems like we only get the best of the best photos. The ones so perfect it seems impossible to recreate. The ones where you question how long the girl had to balance on one foot or how long she had to suck in and hold her breath. you know what it really takes for us to get the 'perfect' shots! We are willing to sacrifice ourselves and suffer embarrassment for these to be exposed. Hope you enjoy!

Ouch. That's all.

I honestly can't even explain this one. Maybe we were talking about needing a drink?

But seriously guys...why you so serious?

And per usual...we always want to play!!

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