Chain-Stitch Collection...Coming Soon! - The Nash Collection

February 12, 2019

Although we tend to gravitate to similar styles and trends each season with style, there's also another thing that we have in common...and that's being unique. As individuals, We want something that stands out amongst the crowd, something that sparks conversation and expresses our unique personalities. That's why we've decided to create an entire line of chain-stitched denim just for you! The coolest part about this collection is that no two pieces will be the same -- each jacket and embellishment will be different. There's nothing like feeling like you're the only one with something cool! 

We will go ahead and insert here that we have had a tremendous response to this collection from word of mouth so far, along with the few pieces we have sold via Instagram. Due to the uniqueness of each of these products, we expect our inventory to move very quickly in this collection and all sales will be first come first serve. We look forward to launching this incredible collection online soon! Stay tuned, and be sure you're signed up for emails and follow us on socials so you're notified the moment they're available online! 

Just when you thought Nashville couldn't get any did.

As always, thank you all for your continued support.

-Laci, Owner

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