Christmas In The Village

Christmas In The Village

Live in Nashville? We hope so, because it's CHRISTMAS IN THE VILLAGE! All shops in Hillsboro Village are staying open late tonight! You must must must come see us. You especially must come see us at Revv!

We've partnered with Proverbs 12:10. What's that mean? We'll have fur babies in our store for you to come love on, and if you fall in love, ADOPT! 

So, for real. Follow these directions:

1. After work, quickly run home and change into some comfy clothes. 
2. Drive to Hillsboro Village. 
3. Grab a coffee at Revelator. (next door to Revv)
4. Come to Revv. 
5. Shop. 
6. Love on the sweet baby animals. 
7. Fall in love with a pup, or kitten - and adopt! 
8. ....and everyone lived happily ever after. 

See you tonight from 5-8PM tonight in Hillsboro Village! 

Revv Address - 
1815 21st Ave. S. 
Nashville, TN 37212

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