As many of you Nashvillians know, our brand is quickly expanding into new cities each and every day. We are pumped to announce we have just expanded into one of the most beautiful cities in the world...Charleston, South Carolina! Meet The CHUCK Series:

You can find our CHUCK hats in Teal Boutique, located in Mt. Pleasant Town Center in Charleston, SC. Next time you're in Charleston, be sure to swing by and check them out. And if you don't live in Charleston? Well sit tight...they'll be available on our website VERY soon! 


Bonnie McGoogan 

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  • Bonnie McNutt

    I LOVE your Chuck merchandise. My husband and I honeymooned in Chucktown and his name is Charles but he goes by “CHUCK”. I would love to surprise him with some Chuck merchandise! We live in SC now and are both from TN. I checked out the site you suggested to buy your Chuck merchandise in and it is now permanently closed. Is it possible to buy Chuck merchandise through your online store? Every design that you have in Nash do you also sell it in “Chuck”? Thank you for your time. Bonnie M.

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