Nash Makes Channel 5 News!

Nash Makes Channel 5 News!

On Monday at 3:30PM, we received a phone call that Channel 5 News would like to interview us about the SMASH craze we have created here in Nashville! Their exact words..."Can we come to you now and film what you're doing, pulling and packing orders?" Our we look at each other in sweaty workout clothes, no make up, and pulled up hair is...."Not now but how about 5:00 at Revv?" Done. We ran out of the warehouse in a panic to run home and shower. PS--that's the fastest we've ever made it across town, gotten completely re-ready, and across town again all within one hour. Anyhow, we could talk all about our experience with the crew at Channel 5...but we will let you see for yourself! :) 

Click here to watch Interview.

Thank you Channel 5 for this incredible feature! Proud to be standing with SMASHVILLE this season as we make history!



Laci + Ally

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