Round 1 Game 3 - GO PREDS!

Round 1 Game 3 - GO PREDS!

Let's go, Preds! Let's go, Preds! Let's go, Preds! 

The chanting is still ringing in our ears. 

INSANE game. Not because the Blackhawks and Predators are total rivalries. But, because IT'S THE PLAYOFFS, baby! Which increases the intensity by like 500. 

With a PACKED out stadium, Carrie Underwood NAILED the National Anthem looking stunning as usual. She also NAILED our SMASH hat. Like, we can't even. Thanks, Carrie for supporting The Nash Collection!  

Ally cried, by the way. Straight up, crocodile tears when she saw Carrie wearing our hat. We eat, sleep, and breathe our company and it was just one of those very surreal moments that just moves you. Ally might still be crying, not sure. SOS. 

Originally, I was going to give you an overview of the game. But, The Tennessean did a FAR better job than I could. >> click here << to get play by play deets + pictures + videos of last night's game. It was soooo good. 

Needless to say, The Preds are moving on and you need a SMASH hat. Grab yours now! 



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