The Entry Level Entrepreneur Podcast

The Entry Level Entrepreneur Podcast

So many of you ask, "How did Laci get started?" or "How do you guys do what you do?" As much as we wish the answer was simple, it's really not. It's been a very long, fun, hard, blood, sweat, and tears kind of road. But yet, the most beautiful experience. 

This morning, a podcast featuring our very own Laci Bonner was released. Huge shout out to @granthamellis's show, The Entry Level Entrepreneur. 

It was amazing this morning just plugging in our head phones, and listening to Laci herself. Not only is she our boss, our friend, our greatest mentor.... but, she has one of the coolest stories that we don't think everyone knows. She's intelligent, driven, and so passionate about all of her companies - The RageRevv, and The Nash Collection

In the podcast, you'll find that we're real people in the retail industry that work very, very hard for what we have become. Laci also shares a few tip + tricks that you might find useful/helpful.  

Laci, we are so proud of you! We're even more proud to work side by side with you every. single. day. 

Lori, Britt, Katie, Ally, Delaney, & Aimee

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