Welcome to the NASH fam, Lacy Cavalier!

Welcome to the NASH fam, Lacy Cavalier!

Meet our girl LACY, Nashville transplant - via Louisiana.

Also a talented Singer/songwriter, Vlogger, model (does she take a bad picture?!), and one of the kindest and MOST GENUINE souls I have ever met. We are so so lucky to have her as a part of our NASH fam! 

Our first shoot with Lacy was first and foremost a success! But there are behind the scenes details that the pictures don't show. 

1. We tricked someone into believing she was a Victoria Secret model. Totally believable, I mean... look at her. 
2. Froze our a$$*s off. It was fah-reezing that day. 
3. Took an Uber back to the car after the shoot, because we didn't want to walk. #firstworldproblems

All in all, like I said... the shoot was a major success, and we look forward to working with Lacy more! 

Shout out to Lacy Cavalier - You da real MVP!

XO // Ally 

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