About us

As an Arkansas native, owner Laci Bonner was first introduced to Nashville in 2015. Soon thereafter, she opened Revv, a women’s boutique, in the heart of Hillsboro Village. Working the store day in and day out, she saw a need for a timeless, classic Nashville souvenir. A few NASH hat shipments here and there led to a booming business within the business, and so The Nash Collection was born.


The Nash Collection has since become widely known as a lifestyle brand driven by support of both locals and tourists. Spotted on celebrities, actors, and musicians, the brand caters to all those who love Nashville. In 2018, The Nash Collection opened a second floor retail store on Broadway. And in 2021, it relocated to the famous Fifth and Broadway development shared with neighbors like Tecovas, Ariat, Free People, and more.


Laci and her team are excited to continue designing "NASH" apparel and accessories along with new collections. Stay tuned for what’s next as this business continues to evolve in ways unimaginable!