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Meet the Staff

Get to know Laci Bonner and Ally Barrett, the gals behind the hats. 

LB: Mena, Arkansas
AB: Seattle, Washington. West coast best coast. 

Trucker, Flat Bill, or Ball Cap?
LB: Ball caps all the way!
AB: Trucker, for sure!

Zodiac sign:
LB: Scorpio
AB: Pisces

Favorite band or musician to blast in the office:
LB: Moon taxi wins for me.
AB: We are always listening to all different kinds of music around the office, but Kings Of Leon, hands down, is always my go to. 

Something on your bucket list:
LB: I will travel to every island in the caribbean before I die. Fact.
AF: Backpack Europe! 

Three words you would use to describe each other:
LB: Ally is the fun one, outgoing, and one of the most genuine souls on planet earth. 
AB: Lace is a go-getter, unstoppable, and inspiring. Wow, that was heartfelt. 

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