"Age is nothing but a number." Whoever said that has never tried to drink like they did back when they were 21, and felt as if they had been run over by a semi-truck the next day. Here's 3 signs you're def getting older, and (just like that semi-truck) there's no stopping it. 

1. You get excited to get home from work and do nothing 

You live for the thrill of walking through your front door, pouring a glass of wine, and laying horizontal on the sofa for the rest of the evening. When, back in the day, you would get done with class and sprint out to meet your friends for margaritas. Not anymore, señor! 

2. You have two-day hangovers

Unless you are one of the severely blessed, or one of the youngsters running around out there chugging bagged wine like it's nothing, you have felt a two-day hangover. That feeling when even on Monday morning your brain is still fuzzy and your stomach has yet to return to it's regular state. You realize you're in fact, sadly, not 21 anymore. *sigh*

3. You actually enjoy getting stuff done

There is no better feeling than having a beautifully organized calendar, a perfectly checked off to-do list, and a clean apartment to match. When, back in the day, you loved  living in the magic of your disgusting room and the biggest thing on your mind was what you were going to wear out on Tuesday night. Nowadays, you're lucky if you stay up past 9 p.m. on a Tuesday. Woo! 

Turns out, growing old doesn't have to be as sucky as you think. Although you miss your old alcohol tolerance and carefree mentality, you realize it's actually pretty nice having yourself together (somewhat).

Cheers to aging, friends!


The Nash Girls 

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