As seen on carrie underwood and luke bryan | unisex apparel | $2.50 U.s. shipping!


Basic Information:

Headquarters Location:

220 Great Circle Rd. 
Suite 118 
Nashville, TN 37228 

Where is your shipping facility located?
Nashville, TN

What are your hours of operation?
Monday - Friday 


How do I sign up for Back In Stock notifications? 
If the item you are wanting to purchase is out of stock, next to it you will see where it says 'Notify me when this product is available' + a place to enter in your email address. Enter the email address you would like to be notified at regarding restocks. Click 'send' and you're officially signed up! When the item is restocked, you will be sent an email with a direct link to purchase. (pretty cool, huh?) Often times, restocks sell out VERY quickly. Once you receive your back in stock email, we recommend acting fast to ensure you get the product you have been waiting ever-so-patiently for. 

How long does it take to receive my order?
Upon placing your order, we ask that you allow 1-2 days for processing. Once your order has left our facility you should have your package in 3-4 business days. 
NASHVILLE LOCALS + SURROUNDING AREAS - In our non-busy season, you will have your package within one day of receiving your shipment notification. 

How do I contact you?
*Our Customer Service staffing team does not work on the weekends. All emails sent after 4PM on Fridays will be responded to the following Monday. 

How do I return my package? 
Returns are simple! Put your merchandise back in the box, state whether you want a refund or would like to exchange on your original invoice... and ship that bad boy back to us! 

Return address: 
220 Great Circle Rd. 
Suite 118
Nashville, TN 37228

Please note: If you send your package back with no specified action written in the box, you will be refunded. If you are shipping your package back in hopes to exchange it for something else, please specify on your original invoice what you would like to exchange for. 

Can I have my package delivered to Revv? 
In our NON BUSY SEASON, we would be more than happy to deliver your hat to Revv. This will take an extra 24 hours to get your package. As stated above, if you live in NASHVILLE or the SURROUNDING CITIES, you will have your package the very next day. PLEASE NOTE: During hockey season + holidays this time frame is subject to change. 

Can I pick up my package at the warehouse? 
Unfortunately, our warehouse is not open to the public. Feel free to check out our stockist list! << Revv is our Flagship store, so they'll have the largest selection!

Will I be guaranteed an item if I get a back in stock email? 
Our items sell out very quickly. There are many other customers getting the same purchase link email and racing to the checkout. Restocks sometimes can sell out within minutes. So, act fast!

When I click on my tracking number, it doesn't do anything. Has my packaged shipped or not? 
When our team is packing + shipping your package they have to generate a label that goes on the outside of your box. Once they print your label, you are automatically generated a tracking number and it's sent to via email. Your tracking number is accurate, but it will not be 100% active until our mail carrier scans your package in at the post office. If you receive a shipment notification on Saturday or Sunday. That means our team is working over time, and your package will ship the next business day. The best rule of thumb to go by if your tracking number isn't working - wait 24 hours. If after 24 hours it is still not active, contact and a customer service representative will look into this for you! 

Can I expedite my order?
You sure can! While placing your order, you will need to write in the "Notes" area of your order that your requesting expedited shipping. You will also need to email OR notifying a representative that you are wanting expedited shipping. From there, you will be given a few different options + prices! Once you have chosen which rate suites you best, you will be invoiced for the expedited shipping cost. 

Do you offer promo codes?
At this time, we do not have any sales or promos going on. Follow us on social media, because you never know when we might surprise you. :) 

Do you offer military discounts?
At this time we do not, but it is something that we hope to be implementing in the future.