September 30, 2016

What does a day in the life at The Nash Collection consist of? Good question. It is a different adventure every day! A decent amount of Diet Coke, Quest Bars, good music, and A LOT of notebook pages fuel the brand and our day to day activities. We usually start our day with a morning meeting >> you guys will come to learn that Laci and Ally rarely spend more than 12 hours a part, so these meeting usually also go over the last 12 hours spent away from each other. But this is where we conquer and divide. The day usually includes a photoshoot of some sort, approvals for new designs or ideas, reaching out to various people or going to meetings with people interested in the brand, social media outreach or content creation, etc. We think that is what we like most about working on this company we call our baby. Every day is truly different, we never are doing the same thing day in and day out.  We've been blessed to be able to use our creativity and passion in something we get to call our "job" every day. We can both agree that the best part and most rewarding thing in our day to day routine is getting to interact with YOU, the people that make it possible for us to live this out. We love hearing your feedback, talking to you about the brand, and seeing all of you guys rockin' our ideas and our passion, The Nash Collection. 

NASH looks good on you, 
LB & AB 

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