Just Be. (in Nashville)

Someone recently messaged me, (if you're reading this - you know who you are) asking me where she felt like she and her family should stay when coming to Nashville. 

Instantly, I was unable to tell her where I felt like she should stay. Not because I didn't know where to tell her, but because there are so many incredible places to stay when visiting the infamous Music City. Not only just Music City, but now - my city. Our city. Which then lead me to think, what is it that I love about this place so much?

Nashville is so much more to me than just some really good singers, and a cool piece of road with a bunch of bars on it. It's about the the unity. The acceptance. And simply just being. If you are from Nashville/live in Nashville I think you know what I'm talking about. Here, you aren't afraid of being yourself. Because everyone else is here, being themselves and not being afraid. It's just beautiful melting pot of every type of human you could possibly imagine.

Now, I am not saying that Nashville is some magical fairy land where bad things don't happen. They do. Every day - just like other cities. But beyond that, you have people coming together, loving others, and living life. I guess that's one of the things I love the most. If you want to go out on a Tuesday night, and unintentionally have one too many to drink - chances are, some else is doing the same thing. Probably two tables over. If you want to go to Goat Yoga, you totally can. If you want to run in your sports bra and not be shamed for it, you totally can. Chances are, someones doing it too. If you wanna get off work at 5PM and go get a tattoo, you can. If you want to meet someone on Bumble, go on a date and never see them again... you totally can. Oh, and wearing what EVER THE HELL you want when you want is amazing. You see allllll kinds of fashion here. 

Coming from a small town myself, I love Nashville for the simple fact that I can just be. And that's ok. In a world that seems so harsh today it feels good to say that. 

It's ok to be me

What do you love most about Nashville? 

NASH gal

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