Need a little pawsitivity to help get you through the work week? Here's a treat: 6 dogs wearing hats to cure your Monday blues. Because life is ruff, and dogs are cute. 

1. This stylish pup named Sandy. Like why can't our selfies turn out this cute?

2. This dude (aka Charlie) who has more swagger in his left back paw than you do in your whole human body. You can find him hanging out at Alexis + Bolt's new pad in Germantown.

3. This big guy named Bedford. He likes to match with his dad everywhere he goes!


4. This little gal who has better nails than 99% of you ladies out there. You know just looked down at your own nails to compare. 


5. This fashion-forward fluff who's feeling confident in her new headpiece. Did you know this babe even has her own Instagram? #baller


6. And finally, this sweet boy who's got this whole accessorizing thing nailed down pat. So dapper!

We hope this helped cure your Monday blues. Remember, don't terrier self up about it. Tomorrow is always a new day, furreal! 

(hope you people like excessive dog puns)


Bonnie McGoogan

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