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November 04, 2016

There are a lot of things I can brag on Lace about, but one in particular is her constant itch for adventure and willingness to try new things. I remember when she hired me, she said "You'll start after I get back from St. John, I'm going on a little get away by myself" I was like woah, this lady is BA, traveling to the Virgin Islands alone, I wish I was capable of doing something like that. When she came back and I started work, I remember her telling me all of these wild and cool adventures she had while she was there. Just by getting out and talking to people, all of the interesting stories she heard, people she met, and what a freaking small world it was! Now here we are again, 6 months later, and another alone vacay is WELL deserved for Lace. So y'all can live vicariously through her like I have been sitting at my computer here in Nashville all week, check out these pics from her St. John adventures this week. Ps... Hey Laci, you can come back now, your PIC is missing you!

XO // Ally 

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