It Just Got Real

It Just Got Real

Wow. Can we just have a moment of silence for Colton Sissons? That boy is on FIRE. As one of the key reasons to Nashville's win last night, it's evident that there's nothing stopping The Predators in general. (For the record Colton can have however many hats he pleases until the next decade.) From not letting the Ducks past neutral zone, to aggressive defense, we have to admit we are nothing short of proud of how far we've come! And now....we can all say for this first time...We are STANLEY bound, baby! Jump on the bandwagon, or keep your negative thoughts to yourself. #seriously

The Stanley Cup Finals schedule was released today, and one of our biggest fears has come true--myself and Ally, Nash's right hand gal, will be facing the strong reality of the Stanley Cup madness and CMA Fest all in one--downtown. We aren't sure if we love it or hate it. Why we love it? Well, Ally and I are kind of a hot mess anyways, and that sounds like what this week will be. Busy. Hot. and Messy. Why we hate it? Also because it will be busy and hot, which means sweaty/messy. We'll be put to the test that week with all that we've got to juggle. But we have faith. We've been practicing. We've been lifting tons of awkward heavy boxes, skipping meals, and tripping over hats to answer the phone. I'm even noticing some arm muscle from the tape gun. (Somebody's got to assemble those boxes...)

On a serious note, all jokes aside, we are looking forward to one of the biggest weeks of the entire year in Nashville! We're stocking up on all the SMASH hats planet Earth can produce for you guys within the next several weeks, along with planning our booth for CMA Fest's Fan Fair inside the Music City Center. Simply put--we are insanely busy, but in some weird-ass way, love the madness. We love the rush. We love that you guys love SMASH and all things NASH. So thanks to you guys who keep coming back, scoring not just one hat, but another when you lose yours in a Hat Trick from Colton. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't love what we do.

More details to come soon about our booth during CMA Fest! 

Xo, Laci

PS--The Two Tone SMASH Hats are coming back in stock. We promise. Fill out your notification online so you're notified via email when they're back in stock!

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