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April 13, 2017

So, we all know Nashville is pretty much an IT city right now. With so many things to do, places to go, and bars to hop....we totally get why nearly everyone is obsessed with this city. Not only is Nashville a fun place to visit, it's an incredible place to live. Fan of Southern Hospitality? Well, Nashville has you covered with that, too. It's a fun, southern, respectful, entrepreneurial city. Composed of multiple neighborhoods that all connect with each other, it's not spread too far out, either. You're able to take in most of the city without spending all your time in a vehicle.

Now the question remains...what exactly SHOULD you do on your visit here to the city? We came up with a checklist of our Top 5 Musts while here in NASH! 


Love live music? People watching? Bar hopping? If so, Broadway is your Paradise. Truly. There's even a bar called Paradise Park, themed after a 70's trailer park, for you hardcore party-animals. Regardless of if trailer parks are your thing, you've got tons of other options. Our personal favorites involve any rooftop bar. You can find rooftop bars at The Stage, Tootsies, ACME, and The Valentine.


We all love souvenirs from cities we visit. Let's be real. The thing is, we just don't like them to scream 'cheese.' (cheesy) Right? Now you can snag a NASH hat from The Nash Collection during your trip  and fit in just like the locals. These hats were introduced to the scene in July of 2016, but we can guarantee you'll spot at least five on your weekend visit. We can assure you they're well worth it!


UGH. Pure-freaking-amazing. We can't tell if it's a milkshake or a mixed drink. Who cares about the calories. You can burn it off next week. Our favorite is served at Broadway Brewhouse. #yourewelcome


Now this one just looks downright fun. It's a genius concept, that includes pedaling while you booze. We're being totally serious. It's even BYOB, so you are guaranteed to like whatever they're serving. At Nashville Pedal Tavern, not having fun is simply not an option. We can spot at least 3-5 of these pedal bar carts every time we head downtown. 


Ok, girls. This one's for you. The Hillsboro Village community has become known of its multitude of women's boutiques. You get a little old with a little new in the Village, which is what makes it so cool. Stop by Double Dogs Sports Bar to snag a beer during happy hour, and bounce from store to store taking in all the latest Nashville fashion. Our favorites:

-Revv, the flagship store of the Nash Collection, which features grungy street chic fashions that won't break the bank

-Native + Nomad--You'll find premium denim and your favorite Quay Sunnies here

-Hey Rooster General Store--Hey Rooster is a new addition for the village as of late, but it's a fun gift/home store featuring all things 'NASHville' you won't want to miss. 


We could go on and on about how incredible Nashville truly is, but truth be told, you need to experience it for yourself. Take it all in. Enjoy it. And come back to see us. :)



The Nash Collection

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