This past weekend, we took part in Project 615's 3rd Annual Nash Spring Bash at Centennial Park. What started off as a normal Sunday in Music City quickly turned into chaos, but honestly, we kinda liked it. 

About three or so hours into the event, the wind started picking up. Not just speed, but people's tents. (Yes, people were chasing their tents around trying to rescue them from the wind.) We stood on all sides of ours to keep it down, as we were selling lots of hats! We even had to make a run back to the warehouse to get more!

Around 3 p.m. is when it hit...and most everyone had cleared the lawn except us. We had people still standing at our tent as it started to pour. We had to seek shelter in our neighbor's tent! It was raining sideways, so we were completely soaked from head to toe. 

You would expect for us to be panicking, crying, and completely distraught, but we weren't. We were laughing and video'ing the whole thing. We waited for the wind the chill out and then we began carrying our sopping merchandise, heavy tables, and soaked selves to our cars. To be honest, it was kind of hilarious. We still had a blast. 

All to say, thank you everyone who came to hang with us at the event, and NO AMOUNT OF RAIN/ TORNADO WEATHER CAN RUIN OUR PARADE!


Bonnie McGoogan

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