Your Next Nashville Destination is Third on Third

Your Next Nashville Destination is Third on Third

What's the best way to take in Broadway views? Hint: It's at The Nash Collection's newest event space, Third on Third. We chatted with Third on Third's Event Coordinator, Mackenzie Daigle, to learn more about this unique, speakeasy-style event space. 

Tell me more about the name 'Third on Third.'
As our owner Laci Bonner and the team were coming up with ideas for a name, she casually mentioned “Third On Third” and everyone loved it! It was a unanimous vote. Third On Third was chosen because we are located on 3rd Avenue N as well as on the 3rd floor of our location.

When did you open? Have you hosted any events?
Third On Third opened its doors December 11th of 2019. As we have only been open about 6 weeks, we have already hosted a handful of amazing and successful events. Looking ahead to the rest of the 2020 calendar year, we are excited to work with an amazing list of new clients. Third On Third is the perfect spot for anything from Bachelorette parties, corporate events and happy hours to intimate concerts and VIP album releases.

How have people reacted to the space?
The reaction to Third On Third has been amazing! We constantly get compliments on all of the design elements and the fact that you are on Broadway but feel like you are in an exclusive and elegant speakeasy. The reactions have been nothing short positive and we are so thankful that the community is recognizing Third On Third as an elite event space in Nashville.

What differentiates Third on Third from other places on Broadway?
The difference between Third On Third and other spaces on Broadway, all comes down to the design and vibe of the space. Although, we adore all the bars on Broadway, we wanted the space to feel like a little escape from what was happening three floors away while still being in the heart of it all.

How can people book with you?
Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to book their next event at Third On Third. The event space is priced by the hour and comes exactly how it is portrayed in photos. However, if booked, you are more than welcome to rearrange the space how you see fit. To book please email or send us a direct message through our Instagram @thirdonthird - We look forward to working with you!! 


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